Li&Li's New Gowns with Multi-Talented Child Actress Vriddhi Vishal

Li&Li's New Gowns with Multi-Talented Child Actress Vriddhi Vishal

In the modern environment, fashion is extremely important. Fashion trends are followed by people of all ages who want to convey their style and character via their apparel. Keeping up with the current fashion trends for children reflects their personality and interests.

LiandLi Couture, India's Best Online Designer Boutique for Kids, is currently associating with the Multi-Talented Child Actress Vriddhi Vishal, to showcase our newly designed collections.

Classic Wine Red Cloudy Frilled Gown with Handcrafted Beaded Waistline

Wine red is a vibrant hue that looks great on all girls. This is a wine red cloudy net-frilled classic gown with handcrafted bead work on the waistline and shoulder. It comes with a boat neck, and that can be worn to a party or for a birthday. Also, it has a back zipper to give the garment a solid, unbroken front and shape.

Pink and Purple Ombre Shaded Twirl Gown

Pink is a color that will never go out of style, and which is associated with innocence, freshness, purity, and love. It is a must-have in every child's wardrobe. Here the cute star Vriddhi is wearing the designer gown with a Pink pleated yoke with a cold shoulder sleeve. Also, it is highlighted with purple flowers and a waist belt. We designed it as a twirl gown that's comfortable and can be worn on any occasion.

Yellow And Aqua Blue Layered Gown with Handcrafted Yoke

Puff sleeves have made a significant comeback in recent years. Your little ones will look adorable and beautiful in puff sleeves with the layered gowns. Recently we designed this beautiful round transparent neck gown, which has a yellow handcrafted yoke with a net puff sleeve and yellow -  aqua blue color gradient layered bottom.

Violet and Sea Blue Gown with Bead Work Peacock Feathers

Themed gowns are the trending gowns nowadays. Thus, we have designed a one-shoulder gown with gradient violet and sea blue with bead work of peacock feathers. The peacock theme was picked since it is an attractive color combination for any occasion. We are also doing customizations according to your child's favorite character or theme.

Multicolor Twirled Gown with Handcrafted Flowers

This is one of the designer gowns, which has a quilted yoke with multicolored flowers and beads and twirled multicolor net bottom. It includes light multi-colors such pink, yellow, peach, and lavender, which are kid's favorite colors.

All of these gowns can be worn to a party or even as a birthday dress. All stitches on the inside, except the side stitches, are covered by the soft cotton lining. This would be quite comfortable for your children.

We offer the best party-wear dresses for kids, all of which are of exceptional quality and affordable. Now is the time to shop from our largest and the most distinctive array!