Li&Li Diwali Collection: Celebrate This Diwali Like Never Before

Li&Li Diwali Collection: Celebrate This Diwali Like Never Before

As we all know, Diwali is a dominant festival in India, and it has a spiritual significance too. We always try to start everything fresh on that day. People opt for new clothes on this occasion because it is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi would visit their home on Diwali. Thus, wearing new clothes is mandatory for our family.

As Diwali is a traditional festival, people go behind Ethnic clothes for kids, which would boost their grace on the occasion. Li and Li is an online platform to purchase kids' clothing for your festivals and occasions. We offer the best Diwali Dress Collection for Kids Online in India.

May your child be colorful and active on this occasion wearing Diwali dresses from Li and Li. Here are some types of dresses which suit this traditional festival.

For Girls                                                                     

1. Skirt and Top

Li&Li offers the best varieties of skirts and tops for baby dolls. Skirt and top would charm your kids on this festival day as well. Let the bright color combo add a fabulous look to your kid on this Diwali.

2. Lehengas

Diwali is the festival of sweets and lamps. May your children shine in the shade of lamps and be colorful as Diwali sweets. Go for the vibrant colors that your kids would love. Putting on the colorful lehengas with dupattas would make them the cutest.

3. Half Saree

Though half saree is meant for girls through their puberty in south India, it doesn't matter nowadays. Half saree is often rarely worn by small kids, thus wearing it on any occasion could stay her unique from other kids. Enchanting color combination half-sarees are available in the Li and Li Couture.

For Boys

1. Dhoti Set

Silk dhoti could definitely make your junior look royal. In this festival of lamps, your dhoti-wearing child may roam around and catch the mind of all people. Li and Li guarantee varieties of dhotis, which would definitely make him a princess on this occasion.

2. Kurtas and Churi bottom

Your kids would love Kurtas and Churi bottom for sure. This could unknowingly give him a feeling of getting matured. Small boys always tend to imitate elder ones, and they love to grow up like them faster, thus the attire would make them more active and elderly on this occasion.

To enrich your kids with fresh and unique varieties of clothes on this Diwali season, shop from our Indian Festival Collection for kids. Visit our website or feel free to reach us at 095008 07667 for more details.