Coronavirus (COVID-19) Parenting Tips

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Parenting Tips

With coronavirus pandemic spreading across the world, almost all the countries of the world are heading towards a lockdown. Being quarantined in such a situation seems like the wisest decision as it would help in breaking the cycle of transmission of COVID-19.

Being quarantined at home with the family has its own pros and cons and thus, UNICEF has released some tips for parenting during the coronavirus outbreak. Let’s see what these tips are and understand them further.

1. One-on-one time

No matter how busy you are, always make it a point to set aside some time for your young ones. You can sing a song or read a story if you have toddlers. For younger kids, helping with their homework, doing a chore together, or going for a walk could interest them. With your teenagers, you can exercise together, talk about their interests in different fields such as sports, music or films. These pastimes will not only give you a break but will also help you bond better with your kids.


2. Keeping it positive

It might become hard to always maintain a positive mood while juggling with work, kids, and family. UNICEF recommends parents use positive words while telling your kids what to do. For example, say "Please put your clothes away" instead of saying "Don’t make a mess". Praise your child when they are well-behaving, speak in a calm voice, and help your teens stay connected through social media. These are a few tips that will help you maintain a positive environment in your home.


3. Get structured

UNICEF recommends parents to sketch out a routine for themselves and their kids. This will help parents keep track of the activities they do throughout the day. A timetable will also help your kid have allotted slots for studies, hobbies, and fun time.

Teach your kid about safe-distancing and the importance of hand hygiene. Make handwashing a fun activity by singing a song for 20 seconds or by using some actions. You can also make your kids play a game to see how few times we touch our faces. The person with the least number of touches will get a treat or a reward.


4. Bad behavior

It is normal for a kid to get cranky, irritated, and tired after being at home for the whole day. Try distracting your child by engaging him in other activities or just going out for a walk in your porch yard. In case you feel you are angry and will lash out on your kid, take a pause for 10-15 seconds and breathe in and breathe out. This will help you in calming down instantly.


5. Talking about COVID-19

Talk to your kids about COVID-19. They might be having a lot of questions and queries going around their head regarding the pandemic. Make sure you listen to them and give them their answers. Take your information from trusted sources and educate your kids regarding it. Instill some confidence in your kids, that they can come and talk to you regarding anything and everything.