Our New Arrival Dresses are Waiting For You!

Our New Arrival Dresses are waiting For You!

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Our celebrations include birthdays, regional and religious events, family get-togethers, and more. But now we are facing the biggest challenge in our life. Kids may be very disappointed because they will be unable to participate in such celebrations. All you can do for kids right now is dress them nicely, make all the necessary arrangements safely, and celebrate in your own home. Our new arrival designer gowns are waiting for your kids! Let's have a look at them.

Cloudy Frilled Sleeve Collection

Cloudy frilled sleeves are one of the trending designs for everyone. These sleeve dresses are very attractive to all children. Check out our new collection here:

1. Deep Rani Pink and Coral Color Gradient Swirled Gown

Pink shade dresses are looking cute for kids, especially for girls. We offer pink colored gown with deep rani pink and coral color gradient swirled bottom. Yoke is made of hand-crafted flower embellishment and a cloudy frill sleeve.

Shop now: https://www.liandli.in/deep-rani-pink-and-coral-color-gradient-swirled-gown.html

2. Light Lemon Yellow and Lavender Gown with Bead Hand Worked Yoke and Detachable Back Trail

Light lemon-yellow netted gown with cloudy frilled sleeve and rich bead hand-crafted yoke. Also, this is a dress with a detachable trail at the back.

Must try: https://www.liandli.in/light-lemon-yellow-and-lavender-gown-with-bead-hand-worked-yoke-and-detachable-back-trail.html

Other Designer Gowns

1. Bright Parrot Green Swirled One-Shoulder Gown with Pink & Peach Flower Work

This is the one for who love to wear bright colors, a bright parrot green swirled one-shoulder gown with pleated one side sleeve and Pink and peach hand-crafted flower embellishment.

Shop now: https://www.liandli.in/bright-parrot-green-swirled-one-shoulder-gown-with-pink-peach-flower-work.html

2. Rani Pink & Baby Pink Quilted Rich Flower Embellishment Gown

This is a pink color dress that has a rani pink quilted yoke with hand-crafted flower work and sleeves, the neck is with a pleated net. The bottom is made of rani pink and baby pink twirled net.

Order now: https://www.liandli.in/rani-pink-baby-pink-quilted-rich-flower-embellishment-gown.html

3. White & Baby Pink Peplum Embroidery Frilled Gown

We are offering a white and baby pink combination gown that gives our child a classic look. It comes with a white embroidery peplum yoke with handcrafted flower embellishment and frilled baby pink netted bottom.

Buy now: https://www.liandli.in/white-baby-pink-peplum-embroidery-frilled-gown.html

4. Flamingo Theme Warm Tangerine Orange Shade Frilled Gown

Themed clothes are all-time favorites for kids. Here we are presenting a Flamingo theme gown - a hand-crafted yoke with tangerine orange shaded frilled bottom.

Order now: https://www.liandli.in/flamingo-theme-warm-tangerine-orange-shade-frilled-gown.html

5. Dark Green Netted Frilled Fluffy Gown with White Crystal and Bead Work

Fluffy gowns make your child the center of attention at any event. We're offering a dark green netted frilled fluffy gown with heavy netted rich hand-worked yoke by beads and crystals.

Must try: https://www.liandli.in/dark-green-netted-frilled-fluffy-gown-with-white-crystal-and-bead-work.html

6. Purple & Lavender Quilted Swirled Cold-Shoulder Gown

This is a purple and lavender gown with swirled netted bottom and purple quilted yoke with a rich hand-worked cold shoulder sleeve.

Order now: https://www.liandli.in/purple-lavender-quilted-swirled-cold-shoulder-gown.html

All these dresses are can be used as party wears or even used as birthday dresses. The soft cotton lining is used to cover all stitches on the inside, except the side stitches. Your babies would be very comfortable with this.

Li&Li Couture has the best party wear dresses for kids, all of which are of excellent quality and available at reasonable prices. Shop from our largest and unique collection now!