Guide for Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Kid's Dress

Guide for Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Kid's Dress

Parents have a difficult time finding what they desire for their children's clothing. It isn't difficult for them to figure out what kind of dress, color, and accessories they want. The perfect size and fit should be the matter! Parents should keep in mind that their children's sizes change from month to month while selecting dress sizes. Dress sizes vary significantly between retailers and brands, and returning an item in the wrong size may be a significant issue. Some clothes can be used in a couple of months, some we think we can use in a year or more, but they may look old. Some clothes are purchased in large sizes, but a child cannot wear them the following year. And because each child's size is unique, we can't assume that the size recommended for the particular age is appropriate for another child of the same age.

Many of these factors affect parents with a great deal of concern. Here are some suggestions to assist you in selecting the appropriate clothing size for your child.

Know Your Kid's Basic Body Measurements

Not only should you know the child's age, but also his or her height and basic sizes prior to shopping. Some clothing designers use extra dimensions like chest, waist, and hips to size their garments; so, use a tape measure to get the most precise measurements. Make a list of these measurements and save them for when you are ready to begin shopping online. 

These measurements are basically needed:

Height: Measure from your child's foot to the top of their heads while they are standing barefoot. Making a mark on a wall and measuring their height from there can be more convenient.

Chest: Use a tape measure to wrap around the child's chest and under their arms.

Waist: Make sure to take the measurements around the natural waistline, which is usually above the belly button! Measure around the child's waist, making sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor and not too crooked.

Hips: Measure around the broadest area of your child's hips while standing with their legs together.

Inside Leg: Request that your child stands up straight with his or her legs slightly open. Pull the tape measure tight and run it down to the ankle. The easiest to take this measurement is when your child is wearing shoes, so you can see where the trouser leg will lay above the shoe.

Match-Up with the Provided Size Chart

The majority of shopping brands include a sizing guide on their website that will assist you in selecting the appropriate size and fit for your child. All you have to do is try to match up with the sizes provided. If you are not getting the exact size, make to choose one size bigger or smaller as per your accordance. 

We at LiandLi Couture provide separate sizing charts to each dress category for the convenience of our customers. All of our measures are in inches and are based on real clothing measurements rather than body measurements. Garment measures will differ by 1 or 2 inches from body measurements, depending on the size of the child.

A well-fitting outfit gives your child self-confidence and excitement. So pick out the ideal outfits for your adorable kids. As the leading Kids Online Designer Boutique in India, we provide customized outfits for your kids according to your kid’s measurements. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions, and we will happily assist you.